Rubber Roofing

Sullivan Construction Company offers rubber roofing which is ideal for flat or low-pitch roofs. We use only the best rubber roofing material in the industry today. It is manufactured by Firestone Roofing – Firestone Building Products, they are the leading manufacturer of high performing Roofing Systems for commercial, industrial and residential roofing applications. Since 1980, Firestone Roofing Systems have been installed on hundreds of thousands of roofs worldwide.

There are drawbacks to using asphalt shingles on a flat or low-pitch roof. Shingles require the help of gravity to create a seal against leaks. With a flatter roof, gravity’s influence isn’t enough to do the job. To help reduce leaks in flatter roofs and create an impenetrable seal, roofing materials made of rubber or PVC plastic is used. This is often referred to as rubber roofing.

Why Rubber Roofing?

  • Ideal for low-sloping or flat roofs
  • Single-ply synthetic membrane is durable, pliable, and waterproof
  • Ideal where asphalt shingles don’t perform
  • Foam can be installed for extra insulation
  • Saves cooling costs by reflecting heat and sun away for the roof

Rubber Roofing Systems

  • Ballasted System: The Ballasted System is an economical roofing system that is suitable for a wide variety of buildings. It can be applied on any building that can accommodate the extra load of the ballast.
  • Fully Adhered System: This is a lightweight system that is suitable for contoured roofs, roofs with irregular shape and any roof with limited load bearing capacity.

Product We Use